Our Beer

Top O' The Feckin Mornin

A stone-cold stunner, this Imperial Milk Porter is brewed with vanilla beans, cold-brewed coffee and steel-cut oats then aged in Eastside Distilling whiskey barrels. Pitch perfect. Voted Best in Show at the 2015 Holiday Ale Festival.

The Boubon barrels from Eastside Distilling I assume are white dog, meaning I don’t think they add much bourbon spice or oak but a bit more booziness. It doesn’t matter, its perfectly balanced smooth nutty coffee, its absent of the acidicness or metallic quality that sometimes comes from adding coffee and it’s not too toasty or bitter either. Perhaps its the vanilla bean that helps smooth it out but I bet it’s just as much a credit to the choice of coffee used. "Simply one of the best coffee beers ever"

Feckin Stoned IPA

This is an easy drinking IPA packed with several northwest hop varieties. Feckin IPA is then dry hopped with aroma hops from the Willamette Valley. In Dublin we like to enjoy out pints this is an IPA that is packed with flavor but drinkable and can be enjoyed over and over again. We named it for our practice of weighing down a bag of hops with a large river boulder during the dry hopping phase so we can extract all that hoppy goodness from the submerged hops.


This Irish ale has a serious NW twist. Generous portion of hops from the Northwest are packed in this brew. Pale malt and Irish premium malt make the color a very nice copper red. This is an easy drinking red ale that is full of flavor and hopped over weeks during the fermentation process.

Dublin Pale

Feckin Dublin Beyond The Pale Ale has just the right balance of malty goodness and fresh aromatic hops. When out fore fathers are standing at the gates of Dublin in 1353 and making a decision to leave the safety of English law and order, this ale would make you venture out beyond the pale into a world of chieftains helot women and great Feckin pints. True to our mission we have taken a traditional Dublin ale recipe and re0imaged it as if an Irish monk from 1400s had been transplanted into the hop fields of the Willamette Valley and told to make the same beer for his comrades.


Brewmaster Dave Maher has made many mistakes in his life but none as tasty as Frekin’s Irish Oatmeal Porter. While trying to make an amber ale that called for 8-oz of chocolate malt he got a bit eager and over shot his target to the tone of 8 lbs. So he did what any good Irish man would do. He pretended it was on purpose and called it a porter. This rich chocolate porter uses pounds of Bob’s Red Mill Irish Steel Cut oatmeal that rounds out this great tasting porter.

Dia Los Muertos

Whiskey Barrel Aged Espresso Horchata Porter (8.5% ABV | 15 IBUs)
This beer is a spinoff of the brewery's “Top 'O The Feckin Morning” Irish breakfast milk porter. The brewers took East Side Distillery barrels and aged their TOFM and imperial porter for several months. They then added their house made horchata along with fresh cold brew coffee from Lisa at Happy Rock Coffee.