Axe Throwing FAQ


What are the axe throwing Hours?

Wednesday, Thursday, Friday 4-9pm

Saturday and Sunday 2-7pm

How Much is it?

Walk in’s $12

Private Parties $25 per person per Hour.

What is the minimum and maximum group size for private parties?

Between 6- 20 people, we recommend at least 2 hours for more than 10 people.

What if my group is less than 6?

We will accommodate you, our minimum charge of $150 would apply.

What if my group is more than 15?

We will accommodate you, email Dave. for special pricing and scheduling.

Can my Book the Whole Brewery

Yes, the Brewery is available on Mondays and Tuesdays for Corporate events and Weddings

Do you guys provide all the equipment?


What happens with walk-in’s

Walk in’s are on a first come first served basis, each session takes about 20 minutes, once your session is complete you can put your name back on the waiting list and rotate through again as many times as you like. Note please call ahead to see if there is a private party going on at the time you want to come in 503 516-7240

How Safe is it?

Feckin Brewery is compliant with the Northwest Axe Throwing Association (NWATA) safety guidelines for competitive axe throwing. Each person must sign a waiver before participating. Each Group has a coach always present to enforce safety and run games. Each target is fully contained in chain link, similar to a batting cage. Participants must stay behind the safety line which is 14′ from the target. Participant must wear shoes that cover their toes. Participants under the age of 21 must have a parent or guardian present.

Will  someone to show me how to throw an Axe?

Yes, there is always a Lane Marshal on duty, there will be a brief orientation at the beginning of your session where you will be shown the proper way to throw the axe.

What will happen when our group shows up?

The Session~ Stick the axe! It takes 5 minutes to get each person comfortable with sticking and aiming the axe consistently. The axe is a 17′ hatchet designed specifically for throwing. Once participants are sticking axes its tournament time! We have a variety of games that we play on a double elimination bracket. If you have a group of ten or larger or book a 2 hour session

How do I reserve a private party?

Email or call Dave 503 516-7240

We will send you an invoice when we receive payment your time is locked in.

Whats your Refund Policy.

We need 2 weeks notice to refund or reschedule.

How long is the session for walk-ins?

You get to throw during the time we are open except when the lanes are reserved for private parties call ahead to see if the lanes are blocked out for private parties 503 516-7240

Can we bring our own food?

No, we have a full menu with beer liquor and wine. Check out our menu at

What should I wear?

We insist on closed toe shoes, and we do have shoe covers if you forget.

Can my kids throw?

Yes we have small axes for children, it is solely at the discretion of the Lane Marshal, he will be looking to see if the child can safely handle the axe and follow direction.

What is the cost for Children?


Can I bring my own Axe?

Yes as long as it meets NWATA standards and is deemed safe by the Lane Marshal